WordPress mobile apps has been improving with every update, and the latest two updates to the Android version (I am an Android user!) have added two features that I have been using a lot lately. The two new features are:

  • Free photo library that was launched on WordPress.com, now integrated on the WordPress Android app.
  • Ability to save posts to read later

Free photo library on WordPress.com mobile apps 📸

The free photo library originally launched on WordPress.com, and is available on the post/page editor screen as shown below.

Free photo library on WordPress.com
The free photo library on WordPress.com allows you to choose from over 40000 CC0 images from Pexels.com, for free.

This feature originally launched in January of this year, and in May of 2018, the same feature was launched on the WordPress.com Android and iOS mobile apps.

It allows you to pick from over 40000 CC0 images from Pexels.com. I recently started a photo blog, and have been republished these photos on Pexels.com as well. I cannot wait to see these my photos from Pexels.com being used by bloggers across the world, using WordPress.com’s free photo library. 💖

Save posts to read later 📝

Quick update: This is not available on iOS as yet. 😬
My other favorite feature that was launched on the latest version of WordPress.com mobile apps is the ability to save posts to read later. There is a shiny new “Save” icon for each post, on the homepage, when you launch your app. When you click on it, it gets added to a new list on your app, called “Saved posts“.
You can access this list anytime to read the posts that you have saved. This works offline as well!
I have a Feedly Pro subscription as well, but since I joined Automattic, I find myself using WordPress.com Reader a lot more to cover all the latest news. The “Save for Later” feature has only improved that experience by one notch. 👌
Both the features are available on the the WordPress.com Android app and the WordPress.com iOS app. The free photo library is available on both the mobile apps, but the “Save for Later” feature is available only on the Android app at this time.
Go, download the app and check these out! Tell me what you think about it in the comments! 😁

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  1. > There is a shiny new “Save” icon for each post, on the homepage, when you launch your app.
    Can you add screenshot for this? I did update my iOS app and looked a bit and I still couldn’t find this read later feature.
    Thank you!

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